Hipster Once Upon a Time
Because happy endings are too mainstream. 

And I’m not talking about my choice to wear this sweater with this jacket. 

I will agree with you about scrunchies, though. I should’ve cast the Dark Curse on them instead. 

Haven’t you heard? It’s time for metallics to shine

But vintage inspired is better than nothing, right?

Are you allergic to good taste or something?

Every time I have that dream, I wake up screaming.

I did androgyny first, too!

Never underestimate the power of accessories!

I hope these peasants appreciate everything I do for them.

Dammit Graham, I’m your deputy, not a boy scout!

There’s a child in Africa who doesn’t have shoes because you got Converse!

And I’m not sure I would go with two bold prints like that.

Well, actually, it’s made of vegan yarn, but they’re practically the same, right?

Where did you get that shirt, Abercrombie & Fitch?

Where’s the nearest Uniqlo?

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