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Because happy endings are too mainstream. 

Maybe I should’ve saved that for the fourth or fifth date?

Don’t let those Lost Boys talk you getting into any tattoos!

This must be how Neville felt when Hermione petrificus-totalicused him at the end of the first Harry Potter book.

It’s just a recreational drug, they said! You’ll love it, they said!

lanasagnaparrilla, every time I look at your username, I think it’s lasagnaparrilla and I got really excited because remember that one time Regina brought a lasagna to the party at Granny’s Diner?

She’s such a good mom.

Rajah was aces and she got to wear pants.

You’ve probably never heard of the band. They’re really underground.

Happy Valentine’s Day, hipsters!

This Valentine’s Day, I’m going to pull off my biggest heist yet.

hi, your blog is fantastic! I wish I had come across it sooner! I was wondering if I could use one of your icons as my icon?? They're so cute haha I absolutely love them

Be our my guest, dearie!

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These weren’t exactly the kind of handcuffs I had in mind for Valentine’s Day.

I don’t remember them using this much rope in the book.

I’d like to axe you out on a date.

HEY HIPSTERS. Since it’s Valentine’s Day on Friday, we’re going to have five days of HEY GIRL here on the blog, starting tomorrow. Featuring Captain Hook, among others, and of course, terrible puns. 

Back in my day, we had to settle for throwing rocks!

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