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Because happy endings are too mainstream.

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What's on your mind, dearie?

These weren’t exactly the kind of handcuffs I had in mind for Valentine’s Day.

I don’t remember them using this much rope in the book.

I’d like to axe you out on a date.

HEY HIPSTERS. Since it’s Valentine’s Day on Friday, we’re going to have five days of HEY GIRL here on the blog, starting tomorrow. Featuring Captain Hook, among others, and of course, terrible puns. 

Back in my day, we had to settle for throwing rocks!

[whispers] Hipster.

Being a feminist doesn’t mean I don’t want to be a princess. 

Having eyeballs in your head is so mainstream.

I don’t care how cute their commercials are, they’re still a threat to local businesses!

Give up? It’s a hipster.

Please allow me to break character for a second to say that this is the longest hiatus ever.

Bro, how much do you lift?!

Our plan for world domination starts with sleepy coastal towns. 

Only $16,700 at Anthropologie!

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